Increase Your Revenue by Not Finding New Customers
FREE Book: Pay Me Forever
How to Get Lifelong Clients Swarming to
Your Business Like Bees to Honey
Warning: Your Business is in Danger
Your customers are being seduced by your competitors every single day in an effort to steal them and their dollars away from you.
You don't have to give them up! Nearly all customer loss is completely avoidable and it's up you to keep those customers (and their revenue) for yourself.

Keeping customers is not a happy accident. It will only happen if you have a Client Retention System in place for your business.

This is the book that reveals the secret system to keeps clients wanting to Pay You Forever. 
Inside of this FREE Book, you will discover:
The one true factor of business growth. Nearly every business overlooks this one essential required to grow their bottom line, and it’s probably not what you are focusing on now in your business either. Pg. 9
The real reason that clients and customers are leaving you for your competitor. Hint: It’s almost always completely avoidable. 
Pg. 23
How retaining a mere 5% of your customers can have a huge impact on your bottom line (upwards of 85% growth sound good?). Use the formula on page 26 to determine the real value of each customer to your business.
This one reason why 95% of your happiest customers will buy from your competitor on a whim. Warning: you may want to kick yourself when you see why they have been slipping away. Pg. 28
The four customer categories in your business and how to identify them. Identify this one type and learn how to generate 80% of your revenue from them. Pg. 33
The lost element of the “Know, Like, Trust and ______________ Factor – and how to use it to grow your revenue. This one shift will put a protective shield around your customers that your competitors won't be able to breech. Pg.45
Walk in the footprints of business legends and giants. Swipe this one habit that they all had in common and follow their 3 Step Profit and Success System found on Pg. 67. 
What ‘sticky’ customers have to do with how much your business is worth and how to turn them into a major payday when its time to sell. Pg. 88
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